The Literary Club at the College of Applied Science Ayalur is a dynamic and intellectually stimulating
platform for students passionate about literature, writing, and the arts. Dedicated to nurturing a love
for reading and creative expression, the club organizes a variety of activities, including book
discussions, poetry readings, writing workshops, and literary competitions. These events provide members
with opportunities to hone their writing skills, engage in thoughtful dialogues, and share their creative
works with peers. The club also invites accomplished authors, poets, and literary critics for guest
lectures and interactive sessions, offering students valuable insights into the world of literature and
professional writing. Through its diverse initiatives, the Literary Club fosters a vibrant literary
culture on campus, encouraging students to explore different genres, appreciate diverse literary
traditions, and develop their own unique voices as writers and storytellers. By promoting literary
excellence and a collaborative spirit, the Literary Club at CAS Ayalur enriches the academic and cultural
life of the college community.


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