College Facilities

The College of Applied Science Ayalur offers a wide range of modern facilities to support the academic,
extracurricular, and personal development needs of its students. The campus features well-equipped
classrooms and laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, providing students with a conducive
environment for learning and research. The college library houses a vast collection of books, journals,
and digital resources, catering to the diverse academic interests of students and faculty. Additionally,
the college provides access to sports facilities, including playgrounds of Ayalur Grama Panchayat and
indoor sports complexes, promoting physical fitness and recreational activities among students. Hostel
accommodation is available for students who require it at near by private hostels, offering a comfortable
living space conducive to study and personal growth. The college also offers amenities such as medical
facilities ensuring the well-being and convenience of its students. Through its comprehensive range of
facilities, the College of Applied Science Ayalur strives to create a supportive and enriching
environment that nurtures the holistic development of its students.


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