Anti-Ragging Cell

The Anti-Ragging Cell at the College of Applied Science Ayalur is a proactive and vigilant body committed
to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Led by dedicated faculty members and
supported by student volunteers, the cell works tirelessly to prevent and address any instances of
ragging or bullying on campus. Through awareness campaigns, workshops, and regular monitoring, the cell
educates students about the harmful effects of ragging and promotes a culture of mutual respect and
understanding. In collaboration with local authorities and law enforcement agencies, the Anti-Ragging
Cell takes swift action against any reported incidents, providing support to victims and imposing strict
disciplinary measures on offenders. By prioritizing the well-being and security of students, the Anti-
Ragging Cell at CAS Ayalur plays a crucial role in fostering a positive and harmonious learning
environment for all.

Convener / Coordinator:Anti Ragging Committee and Squad are constituted every year to Curb Ragging as per the Direction of UGC,
University Vice Chancellor and Supreme Court




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