Fees Structure

Details of fees for each semester of B.Sc/B.Com  are given below:

Fee Particulars

BSc-CS / BSc Electronics

B.Com Elective CA

Tuition Fee



Admission fee ( Payable at the time of admission)



Caution deposit (refundable) ( Payable at the time of admission)



* In addition to the above, students have to remit other fees like University fee, PTA membership fee etc.

 Fee concession/Caution Deposit details

  • All students are required to pay Caution Deposit irrelevant of category including SC/ST/OEC candidates.

  • No educational concession will be available to the students of the Degree programmes conducted in the Colleges of Applied Sciences under IHRD except the SC/ST/OEC candidates. The SC/ST/OEC candidates are exempted from payment of the prescribed fee on condition that they will submit the application for the educational concession to the SC/ST Development Department in the prescribed form along with supporting documents within 15 days from the date of admission. If they fail to do so, they should pay the prescribed fees. In case, the educational concession is not sanctioned by the SC development department, the student is liable to remit the entire fee. Sanctioning of educational concessions is also subject to the orders of the SC Development Department/ Government from time to time.

  • All students including those eligible for any type of Educational Concession from various Departments/Welfare Agencies, except the SC/ST/OEC Category, should remit the entire fee as per the schedule. But the actual amount sanctioned towards the educational concession to the eligible students by the Department/ Welfare agencies will be reimbursed to them by the Principal, as and when it is received in the institution.